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We service the agriculture and viticulture sectors. Spraying is a specialty. Scenic flights and bach deliveries also available. We value safety and efficiency and provide competitive service. Lifting from barges a key operation also.

Agricultural Spraying

Agricultural and Horticultural spraying and fertilising are critical to the success of your farms and crops. Trust a local business with local knowledge to carry out your aerial work to the highest standards.

Wilding Pine Control

Aerial spraying of wilding pine and other species is instrumental in the prevention of these rampant pests taking over the New Zealand wilderness.

With many hours of experience wand spraying and the latest GPS tracking equipment on board we are set up perfectly.

wanding demo

Crop Spraying

Our experienced agricultural pilot is well versed and efficient on operations in the Marlborough region. A lifetime in the rural sector means his superior knowledge gives peace of mind around protecting your valuable crops.

Frost Control

With some of not only New Zealand, but the worlds best wines made right here in Marlborough risking frost damage could be very costly.

Coast To Coast Helicopters are well versed in frost protection and already work with many local wineries.


Marlborough and the surrounding  mountains boast some of the most amazing scenery you will find anywhere in the world.


But this can mean building projects can be difficult. If you have a load needing to be dropped into a hard to reach area speak to us today. From building supplies to water tanks and spa pools.

Photography & Weddings

Our MD 520 Notar is able to carry 4 passengers and is a smart way to arrive at your wedding venue or a quick way to get to that special photo shoot.

Aerial Surveys

We also have sophisticated GPS on board and are able to carry out precision survey work.

Precision Lifting
Additional Services
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